Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of five elected representatives, a staff representative and the principal. Elected representatives are usually parents or whanau of children at the school. At times, the Board may appoint additional representatives to ensure there is a sufficient range of skills and perspectives on the Board.

Read the governance folder for Board of Trustees.

Board members are community representatives with a governance role and through discussing and approving the school strategic plan and budget and managing school policies, we have a say in the type of school our kids attend, and the types of learning experiences that they have. Our role is to ensure student achievement through an oversight role., Responsibility for school management and classroom programmes is delegated to the principal and school staff.  

To ensure that we reflect the views of the community we undertake a survey of the school community in term 4 each year. This is an important way of getting a wide range of views on current topics.

The board meets twice a term. Members of the community are welcome to attend and observe the meetings, though they are meetings held in public (rather than public meetings). The agenda is set in advance by the Chair in consultation with the Principal and follows the format below:

  1. Opening of meeting including welcome and karakia
  2. Reporting against strategic and annual plan (including student achievement data and staff professional development)
  3. Self-review (including policies)
  4. Principal’s report (including cashflow, health and safety, property and staffing)
  5. Community reports (Parentlink, Whanau Group, KASC)
  6. Administration

Meeting minutes are prepared following each meeting and are kept at school and available on request.  Discussions and decisions are summarised in the Trustee News which is emailed to parents several times per year.

Current board members are:

  • Chris Montgomerie 
  • Heidi Cannell
  • John Denton 
  • Andrew Davies
  • Robin Fepuleai
  • Davin Hall
  • Tony Austin - Principal
  • Peter Dobson - Staff representative