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  • Cup of Tea with Tony

    If you have any questions or interests about the work of our school or education in general, come in for a chat over a cup of tea with our principal, Tony Austin on Friday mornings. No appointment … more

  • Kea crossing - we need your help

    The kea crossing on Hamilton Road is run by senior students with adult supervision. We roster parents on the Kea crossing to allow staff to supervise the zebra crossing on Moxham Avenue. The kea … more

  • Sunhats needed every day in Terms 1 and 4

    In the Summer months, please ensure that your child has a wide brimmed sunhat with them every day (caps are not accepted). We have a "no hat, no play" rule. Children with no hat will have to play in … more

  • Student information form and meet the teacher

    Our student information form provides an opportunity for parents and whanau to give the new classroom teacher some insight into the interests, academic and emotional needs, strengths and … more

  • Back to school

    We are looking forward to seeing all of you back at school on Thursday 4 February. more