2024 homerooms organisation

In the Ngake Hub, Juliet and Molly will work with year 1 and 2 learners while Asha will start with our newest students. As usual, some of these students may move though to Juliet and Molly when they demonstrate that this is needed. Rachel and Denise will work part time in Ngake.

Glenys, Elaine and Tina will operate the Whātaitai Hub in the new building with two homerooms working with year 2 and 3 learners.

Our 2024 year 6 group is half the size of a normal Kilbirnie School year group. This is a significant anomaly. Lou is going to have all the year 6 students together in her homeroom next year along with some year 5 students. Soazik and Peter (with Katrina) will work with year 4 and 5 composite homerooms. Matairangi Hub students will continue to work across all rooms and all teachers depending on needs and the learning taking place.