Term 2 home learning

All Kilbirnie School students are continuing their home learning programmes from within their home bubble. Teachers have worked hard to review and further develop home learning programmes which commenced again on Wednesday April 29th. Feedback from our community informed this review.

If you have any questions or queries at all regarding your child's home learning, all teachers are able to be contacted daily by email or using video conferencing.  Please don’t hesitate to contact and engage with your teacher if your child or you need additional support to make home learning work for you.

We are very aware of the challenges whānau are facing.  What successful home learning looks like will continue to be different for different students. Teachers are striving hard to provide programmes that suit a wide variety of needs and circumstances within the home. I would encourage parents to do their best when supporting students, don’t be too hard on yourselves and if you’re feeling unsure, contact the teacher.