School survey

Each year the Board of Trustees surveys the school community on a range of issues and topics that are relevant to the Board as we begin setting our strategic plan and budget. This year we have specific sections on how we work with families to understand your child and report on their progress; your priorities for our classrooms and school property as we begin planning for a new funding round; and how responsive you feel the school is to the changing cultural needs of families and students of the school. We also have a more open section where you can have your say on anything else.

 Please follow this link to complete the form. It should take you about 10-15 minutes.  

The survey is open now, and will close on Monday 3 December.  It is anonymous, and we ask that you contact the school on if you want to make further contact about anything in the survey. We do ask your child’s class at the end, though this is optional and will only be used to reward the class with the highest number of responses.