Emergency kits

Please remember to bring an emergency comfort kit for your child if you haven't already done it. It is a way of reassuring the children that they will have provisions if there is a disaster until they can be collected from school. 

It would be great if you could please assist your child in putting it together and get them to bring it to school. This kit is an initial response for the first meal required and is more about having the resource as a psychological comfort for the children. By having a kit with a choice of food that they like and maybe a small treasure or toy for comfort or to play with, they will feel that things are under control and that their teachers are ready to look after them if need be.

The sooner these kits are done the better as we have no idea when and if they will be required.

Emergency comfort Kits Content Information

Children will need to bring a 2 litre square (not oblong) shaped (this is for the logistics of storage) ice cream container to school. Into their box they put long life food and a spoon for eating it with. These kits get taken home at the end of the year then renewed for the following year.

Tinned food cans should be tear tab so it eliminates the need for tin openers. Food needs to be able to be eaten cold straight from the packet/ tin. 


Tinned creamed corn, spam, fish, spaghetti, baked beans, vegetables, fruit, creamed rice. Bars and the like, dried fruit, maybe some chocolate for energy. 

NOTHING like chippies, noodles that cause thirst or require hot water or cooking. All goods need a best by time of a year at least. 

A small toy or something like a pack of cards can be included in the kit.

Please name the ice-cream container clearly on the side and the lid.