Our school must prepare students for the information/computer age. It is therefore most important to ensure the students are technologically literate. The teachers at school have recently completed a 3-year Ministry of Education ICT contract, particularly focussing on sustainable practices for students and teachers.

A significant amount of school funds has been expended over the past few years on providing hands-on technology for the students. We have computers in all rooms, as well as in the administrative, resource, and library areas. The Board of Trustees is committed to continually upgrading computers as technology rapidly progresses.

The school owns a variety of ICT tools, including class data projectors, digital movie cameras, and several sets of Apple laptops and iPads. Students are using this new technology as an increasingly integral part of their classroom programmes.

Computer programmes and websites are carefully chosen by the staff to ensure that the students gain maximum benefit from these valuable teaching tools. The school is networked and all students are given the opportunity to learn through this medium. This includes learning the safe use of ICT equipment, experimenting with a range of ICT tools, exploring a range of different information products, as well as communicating ideas and information.