Covid-19 update - 14 March 2020

On March 14th the Prime Minister announced new and strong protective measures to keep individuals, families and communities safe and healthy. The measures come into effect from 1am Monday 16 March 2020 and are as follows:
Travel restrictions remain in place for people arriving from or who have been in mainland China and Iran over the prior 14 days (Category 1A).  In addition, all travellers coming from all parts of the world, except parts of the Pacific, will be required to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival in New Zealand. This also includes Australia and French Polynesia. This self-isolation requirement applies to New Zealand citizens, permanent residents and their families (Category 1B). All travellers coming from the following parts of the Pacific will be required to self-isolate if they show symptoms, within 14 days of arrival. This includes all Pacific Islands Forum members (except French Polynesia, category 1b), Associate Member Tokelau, and Observer Wallis and Futuna. (Category 2).Those in New Zealand thinking about traveling overseas, should avoid all non-essential travel at this time.
For anyone who arrived into New Zealand prior to this time they will need to follow the previous restrictions. The self-isolation requirement would therefore only apply to those arriving on Sunday 15 March and earlier, if they had travelled in or transited through China and Iran or had travelled in the Republic of Korea or Italy. The new restrictions will be reviewed on Tuesday 31 March and then every 14 days after that date. There are no restrictions on freight and goods, they will continue to come in. 
Guidance for whanau to talk about Covid-19 to children:
NanoGirl explains Covid-19: