Assessment and Reporting

We recognise that all students are different and learn at different rates. Students of the same age may work towards objectives at different levels, revisiting and building on existing skills, knowledge, and understandings. Indicators exist for all objectives to record progress.

We assess work essentially to improve student’s learning and the quality of the teaching programme, as well as providing information to parents and building up a profile of individual achievement. We assess student’s work through observations, checkpoints, individual and peer assessments, pupil conferences, running records, and some testing.

Planned meetings take place throughout the year. Three-way conferences involving the student, parent, and teacher are used in the school. Student’s work is presented in a learning portfolio, this records current levels of work, self-assessment and goals, as well as an indication of attainment in relation to the target achievement standards. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment with the class teacher or Principal at any time during the year (separate from the conference) if they have other matters to discuss.