Ms Alison Thwaites


My name is Alison Thwaites.

I have spent many years teaching at all levels of Primary education. Much of my teaching was in Rural schools, but for the last 10 years I have taught in city schools, mostly at Kilbirnie School! I am also a trained Reading Recovery Teacher.

I have also worked in Advertising,  Dairy Farming and running a 'Pub' ! 

I have lived and farmed with my husband in England back in the 'eighties' and have lived in South Wales for a 'rugby season' in the 'nineties'.😊

As most of my teaching life has been in rural schools,  I have a lot of experience working in small communities, and now I am fortunate to be working in this Kilbirnie community.  

My teaching strengths have always been in the Arts (performing!) and literacy!

Please contact me on or through the school office on (04) 939 2311