Pool keys available from 3 December

School pool keys can be hired from the office, from Monday December 3rd until the end of term only. Please return all keys from last season ASAP.

The pool is available for community use in the evening, on weekends and in the school, holidays. The cost for the season is $90 with a $10 refund when the key is returned.

Allowing the pool to be used by the school community is a year by year proposition for the school. Maintaining a pool committee with sufficient members is essential. In addition, we really must have a sense of community care and protection of the pool. We ask all users to adhere strictly to the conditions of use. These have been amended for this season and are provided to all key holders.

Moreover, we ask users to actively encourage others to do the same. A culture of kaitiaki or shared protection of the redeveloped facility will make it more likely that the pool will be available for public use going forward. Please help us protect the pool.

If you find the pool being used inappropriately, dangerously or without proper permission please contact the police.