Mr Peter Dobson


I am the teacher of Room 9, which is a combined Year 5 and 6 class. I am one of the Deputy Principals, the Senior Syndicate Leader and I am jointly in charge of ICT. Tom Rowley teaches in room 9 for 2 days a week while I am on management release.

We are now running BYOD in the classroom so we are working with 1 to 1 devices using Google Apps for education.

In room 9 we are developing an independent learning environment where students have a number of set tasks but can choose when they do these tasks. The students also have a number of "can do" tasks that are set once the "must do" tasks are completed. For me this is a really interesting time to be teaching as we try to prepare students for an exciting future.

I can be contacted by email at or through the school office (04) 939 2311.