Notes from Assembly 14 May 2014

Thanks to Jordan and Arlo for compering our assembly.  Good job!  And we loved your introduction in sign language! 

Our songs were "Count on Me" by Bruno Mars, and "Happy!" by Pharrell Williams.

Mrs Brown talked about our values CARE.  This term our focus is on achievement.  Jonty and Joe shared stories about their recent successes!  Well done boys!

Room 8 shared a video about CARE.  Eddy and others have participated in raising money to help a boy called Charlie who has cerebral palsy and needs $100,000 for treatment. The police are also helping in this fundraising effort. The video was from Seven Sharp.  Here's a link to the video.

Room 4 shared their awesome stories.

Room 7 Storybook writers shared their "Letters to Wetas".  Fabulous!  They were hilarious!

Room 5 all performed some sign language.

Mr McGimpsey handed out some certificates to those working well in their classes.

Room 3 were awarded "Class of the Week" for their amazing jump jam and showing respect.