Meet the teacher and student information form

Meet the teacher: Tuesday 20 February 

This year we are providing an optional opportunity for parents to meet with teachers early in the year. This will give parents who wish to meet with their child’s teacher a chance to talk through the student information sheet without the child present. Teachers will not be discussing academic progress and achievement at this time. The meeting is a chance for you to discuss important information about your child with the teacher.  Bookings for these meetings are arranged using our usual on-line booking system between 2.20 and 7.30pm. Visit the following website and use our event code:

Event code: a5sx6

Student information form:

Teachers have developed a form for parents to complete about their child. The intention is to provide an opportunity for parents and whanau to give the new classroom teacher some insight into the interests, academic and emotional needs, strengths and personal context of your child. This confidential form has been emailed to all parents and caregivers. Please download, complete the form and return this to your child’s classroom teacher via email. If you would prefer to complete the form using a paper copy, collect one from Liz in the office.