Kea crossing - we need your help

The kea crossing on Hamilton road was established to create a safer route to school across Hamilton Road and encourage students to walk, scooter or bike to school. It is run by senior students with adult supervision. 

Thanks to those adults that have volunteered to be on the roster to supervise the road patrollers on the Kea crossing. We however urgently need supervisors for the following slots

• Tuesdays 8.40-9.00am

• Wednesdays: 8.40-9.00am and 2.55- 3.10pm

• Thursdays: 8.40-9.00am and 2.55- 3.10pm.

• Fridays: 8.40-9.00am

Please let Peter Dobson or Carolina know if you would be willing to fill one of these vacancies: ,