The Celtics WIN the Cup!!!

The Kilbirnie School Celtics Miniball team won the Cup at the end of the season in Term 2. The team, made up of 6 players included Tane, Tom, Bram, Cam, Hamish, and William Fox were coached very ably by Rebecca Clarkson. They had a season where they were totally unbeaten. There were 32 teams in the competition.

The final match of the season was against Brooklyn Thunder who were all Year 6 boys. The Celtics were prepared to lose as most of the Celtics team are all Year 5’s (bar one – Tane who is year 6). Rebecca told the team that whatever the outcome the team was to enjoy playing against a good opposition. She told the players that defence was the key - if you can prevent them from scoring goals by ‘sticking like glue’ to your player, stopping them from getting too close to the goal, and getting the rebound then we have a chance, she said.

Rebecca’s advice payed off. Brooklyn players found it very difficult to shoot from a long way out. This enabled the Celtics players to get the rebound, dribble and pass, get the ball to the other end and score.

Tane was particularly strong on attack running fast and using his body to get through the defence. Bram was competitive and fast and capitalised on any mistakes made by the opposition. William ran hard, stuck to his player and was an efficient shot. Hamish was great at the rebounds and made a few useful lay-ups. Tom worked hard and hassled the opposition, never giving an inch. Cam shined on the fast breaks and was a brilliant shooter. Together they made a great team.

The final score was 28-16. The Cup was presented to them by Keith Quinn (a famous rugby commentator). All team members were given a ‘Steve Adams T shirt.’ The parents were all very proud.

This term they are still together and have a new player, Theo, who will be an excellent addition to the team.