Bicultural Meeting Wednesday 9 April

This meeting will be held on Wednesday 9 April in the School Staffroom.  

As you know Kilbirnie School is committed to developing a bicultural programme which supports the needs of our Māori students, as well as providing an opportunity for our non-Māori students to explore and understand some of the history, tikanga and language of Māori.

This year we would like to further imbed some of the progress made last year – in the classroom with programmes by Rachel France and class teachers, in the community with events such as Matariki, and in building projects around the school such as a Waharoa (Māori gateway) at the Hamilton Road entrance. We also want to look at our school policies that refer to Māori learners and biculturalism and the Māori Education Strategy Ka Hikitia, relating to Māori students enjoying and achieving success as Māori.

Please let me know by return email ( if you are interested in attending this meeting. I would be more than happy to forward a copy of Ka Hikitia for your reference.