Assembly Notes from 5th March

Well done compering the assembly - Hamish and Sylvie!

1st song: He Hone Re

2nd song: Senwa dedende

Room 4 shared some of their fabulous stories which are now displayed on the "Great Writing Wall" in thier classroom!  Fantastic stories Max, Vanya and Amelia!

Room 8 shared their star book, which is now displayed at Reception.

Congratulations to the students named to this years Student Council: Class reps are: Room 1 - Athena, Room 2 - William, Room 3 - Matt, Room 4 - Henry, Room 5 - Isla M, Room 6 - Huck, Room 7 - Grace, Room 8 - Artemis, Room 9 - Arol, Room 10 - Amy.   Miss Coker is the Staff representative.

Class of the Week Award went to Room 9 for being the best behaved!